Newsletter #22

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Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed Meeting August 31st, 2017

The regular meeting was chaired by Andy Lorimer who welcomed the Shedders to the Mackie Academy Poly-tunnel. This was an opportunity for the shedders to see the results of the planting carried out by our Poly-tunnel gardening team and the students from Mackie Academy.

Shedders Peter and George gave a report on the activities of the poly-tunnel group over the year. It has been a successful planting year and the fruits of their labours were everywhere to see. Tomatoes in abundance, including the green zebra striped variety. Courgettes, Broad and Runner Beans to name but a few.

A crop of potatoes was lifted and the shedders were happy to contribute to the funds for next year’s plants by buying all the crop (no “boilings” were taken we’re happy to report). Beans and tomatoes were also available.

George spoke about plans to extend the area under cultivation by 20 square meters as this would allow a couple of raised beds for the students to use. The existing fence will be moved back by 4 meters and shedders were asked to assist in the work. A plea of “not on a regular golf day” was made and this will be arranged.

Peter spoke about the activities involving the students and work done to tidy up and replant the planters round the school. We will also be planning to complete the existing sensory garden in the academy playing field. Peter asked for additional regular volunteers to support the polytunnel activities and the sensory garden project.

Following these briefings, paintbrushes were raised and the group set to work painting the wooden fence around the poly-tunnel.


A big thank you to all the shedders who met at the Poly-tunnel and assisted in lifting the crop of potatoes, then painting the fence around the tunnel.

Also thanks to Robert for bringing along his camper van and providing us with hot water for the teas and coffee.

If you would like to join the regular Poly-tunnel team please contact Peter and let him know.

Andy then spoke about the work ongoing to prepare for entry into our temporary Shed in the Civil Defence bunker and the actions being taken to progress our CAT transfers. We are hopeful to gain entry to the bunker next month.

The next meeting will be on 7th September in the Community Centre Bath Street.  The room is open from 12.30. We will be looking at the training required for the Shed Safety Supervisors and have invited a first aid trainer to talk with us.

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