Newsletter #45

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Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed Meeting 8th March 2018

The regular meeting took the form of a sports afternoon in the Stonehaven Indoor Bowling Rink. Over twenty members took part and for those shedders new to the sport, Allan Wood had arranged for two coaches from the club to assist him with setting up the bowlers, giving them the benefit of their experience in how to deliver the bowls and where they should be aiming.

It was a fun afternoon with much merriment when bowls went in the wrong direction due to the bowl bias being on the wrong side. Shedder Tony took some photographs of the action and these can be seen on the website.

Allan promised us a “fly” and struggled to get the members away from the rink and seated for their tea or coffee and a scone. Terrianne had prepared the food and this was well received by the members. Following the tea break it was back to the bowls to complete the games and win the bragging rights!

This was an enjoyable session and Allen and the two coaches were given a warm round of applause for all their work.

George has spotted something! Could it be that the missing Jack is behind Billy.

Peter reports that Wednesday’s session in the Civil Defence Bunker achieved a lot.  The tidy up continues and the representatives from “The Secret Bunker” were able to remove furniture, fittings and maps for their bunker exhibits.

Andy reports that the “Living with Hope” session led by Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action went very well. The challenges faced by the community were clearly set out by Professor Karen McArdle and the working groups explored the themes highlighted by the professor’s wellbeing study. A follow up session “Looking Forward” is scheduled and this will explore how these themes can be addressed and next steps. Andy will represent the Shed at this meeting.

Poly-tunnel news: After a break because of the bad weather, Peter attended Carronhill School to assisting the pupils in carrying out the first planting of seeds for the new year. These included onion sets, broad beans, peas and radishes.

Events News: Events team leader Robert is investigating options with his team, to celebrate the Shed second anniversary.

Shedder Kenny has arranged a visit to see the new Aberdeen Harbour extension on Thursday April 26th, more details to be announced

The next meeting will be on the 15th March in the Bath Street Community Centre at 12.30hrs.  The speaker is shedder Peter who will talk about the Gallipoli campaign in World War 1 and highlight the actions of the Royal Navy Division in that campaign.

Tea, coffee & biscuits are available.

Dates for your diary:

26/04/18 Visit to Aberdeen Harbour (details to be announced)
April Shed 2nd Anniversary event (details to be announced)

Further details can be obtained by e-mailing

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