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Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed Meeting 1st March 2018

The regular meeting was held in the Community Centre with over twenty members braving the ice, snow and biting wind to attend.

Following the social period our chairman, Bill Allan, talked about Shed activities. There was a meeting on Friday with Council Officers at the Council offices in Stonehaven. Bill was accompanied by the secretary and vice chairman. The meeting was to discuss the leasing arrangements for the interim Shed – civil defence bunker and funding arrangements for the long-term Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed. The meeting went very well and efforts are being made by the Council to create an agreement that should enable early entry to the interim Shed. They are facilitating the storage of Shed tools and materials in the bunker and Shedders are encouraged to come along on Wednesday 7th March at 10:00 to the bunker and support the tidy-up and storage process as the council remove the last of their documentation and the Secret Bunker team remove the civil defence equipment and posters.

Funding is proving more difficult and as services are being reduced, grant providers are seeing an increase in the requests for funding.

It is planned that any social area in our long-term Shed will be similar in size to the Community Room in the Bath Street Community Centre where the Shed weekly meetings take place. The separate workshop areas will be locked off to support the Shed Health and Safety Policy.

The Shedders discussed the possibility of the Shed being a community hub or resource and agreement was reached that outwith Shed regular meeting times, the social area could be made available to other groups involved in craft activities or hobbies.

The Shed is committed to the wellbeing of the members and the community and Andy reported that he had taken up an invite to the “Living with Hope” session in Fetteresso Church. Where there will be feedback on the study and discussion of its key themes – culture, social isolation and empowerment. The Shed already has links to many of the organisations taking part as their members have met Shed members and talked at the Shed. CHiP, Stonehaven Medical Practice and NHS Grampian are just a few examples.

Attendance at the “Living with Hope” events will strengthen that linkage with other community groups.

Poly-tunnel news: Peter thanked the Shedders for the work done at the poly-tunnel and said that there is still a bit to do. We need more topsoil and gravel to tidy up the access paths round the raised beds. It is planned to have the regular meeting at the poly-tunnel when things warm up a bit and “encourage” the Shedders to support the garden activities.

Events News: Allan reported on the arrangements for the indoor bowling event on the 8th of March. There will be coaching for new bowlers and hands will be measured to supply appropriate bowls for all. Meet at the Bowling Club after 12:00hrs and there will be refreshments available in Terrianne’s Café, please read the flyer for details.

Events team leader Robert reported on the Shed second anniversary social evening. He is investigating options with his team.

The speaker was Shedder Rosco who arrived with his Virtual Reality (VR) equipment and went on to describe the set-up and allow the members to try out the VR headset on a variety of scenarios and games. Rosco loaded the various scenarios into his VR player and these included underwater exploration, African safari and games. Shedder Stuart was our first volunteer to take the headset and enter into the diving programme. The Shedders could see on the large flat screen TV what Stuart was looking at as he turned his head to follow the action. The event started off slowly as the cage was lowered into the ocean. A pair of large Manta Rays swam by and then as the light dimmed with depth, luminous jellyfish fascinated by the cage lights came to take a look. All very peaceful and relaxing until the serenity was broken by a shark attack. A Great White Shark took an interest in Stuart and charged at his cage. This was so realistic that Stuart was soon striking out with his feet kicking at the shark and punching out, virtual reality became very real for Stuart. The members were keen to try out the system and experience Virtual Reality scenarios. The session went well and Rosco given a warm round of applause.

The next meeting will be on the 8th March in the Stonehaven Bowling Club at the Recreation Grounds. Please gather there from 12:00hrs to allow suitable bowls to be issued and training to take place. (Don’t forget the CDB on the 7th at 10:00hrs though)


Dates for your diary:

07/03/18 Visit to the Civil Defence Bunker to shift furniture, at 10:00, please bring any donated tools or machinery



Indoor bowls event, meet at 12:00hrs at the Stonehaven Bowling Club. Note: this session replaces the regular meeting in the Community Centre.
April Visit to Aberdeen Harbour (details to be announced)
April Shed 2nd Anniversary event (details to be announced)

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