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Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed Meeting 22nd February 2018

The regular meeting was held in the Community Centre with over twenty members attending.

Following the social period our chairman, Bill Allan, talked about Shed activities. Members have continued the working in the Civil Defence bunker, our interim Shed, to store and tidy up the rooms. This is in preparation for the council to remove the last of their stored materials, some of which will be taken away and gifted to the Scotland’s Secret Bunker attraction near St. Andrews, prior to us moving in, subject to lease. On the subject of the lease for the interim Shed, Bill reports that the council, despite manpower shortages in that department, are working to progress the lease document, he is planning to meet with the council on Friday and will raise the lease status with them.

Secretary Douglas reported that we have now received a cheque to the value of £3,000 from Grampian NHS to support the purchase of equipment for the Shed workshop. This is a generous award and shows the importance that Grampian NHS places on the establishment of a Men’s Shed in the district to support the health and wellbeing of the population. Douglas went on to tell the members that a donation of £560 has been made to the Shed following the recent bereavement of Mark Murphy where a collection was requested at the funeral to support local charities. This offer was well received by the Shedders who expressed their appreciation to Mrs. Nicola Murphy for this very generous donation.

Douglas went on to tell the Shedders that the promised grant of £2,000 from Shell has already been received and the purchase of the defibrillator and first aid kits will go ahead so as to be ready when the operations eventually start at the Bunker.

Shedder Peter was not available but Andy was able to report on behalf of the Shedders who had supported Peter in the work in the bunker to prepare the furniture for transportation. We will return to the bunker on Wednesday 7th March at 10.00 to assist with the final tidy-up and furniture removal. All are welcome to lift and shift. Please note this is a good opportunity for those Shedders with donated tools and equipment to bring them along so that we can check them out as fit for purpose.

Poly-tunnel news: George reported that we had a good turn-out at the Polytunnel and a lot had been achieved that morning. Thanks to Ian with his mop, and Peter with his cloth, the polythene walls were washed down. The composting area was cleared and the pallets erected to form compost silos. The plastic containers were sawn in half and filled with soil ready for planting. David and Robert built the cold frame and Peter N directed operations with his usual panache.

Events News: Allan reported on the arrangements for the indoor bowling event on the 8th of March. There will be coaching for new bowlers and hands will be measured to supply appropriate bowls for all. Meet at the Bowling Club at 12:30hrs and there will be refreshments available in Terrianne’s Café, please read the flyer for details. Names to Allan as soon as possible.

Events team leader Robert reminded the meeting that we are coming up to our second anniversary. Following the initial meeting in Mackie Academy to gauge interest, on the 29th of April 2016 the trustees were elected and the Shed established. Robert and the events team will plan for celebratory event, an evening meal with partners invited.


In response to the request from Shedders to get out of the Community Centre more often, Shedder Duncan suggested a visit to see the new harbour extension works at Aberdeen. He will arrange a tour of the site and a visit to the harbour, supported by Shedder Kenny. Andy said we may be able to arrange a bus through the good offices of Age Scotland.

There was no speaker and the Shedders were shown a video of the building of the Men’s Shed in Aberchirder or should that be Foggieloan or Foggie*? As the Stonehaven Men’s Shed members declared.

Thanks to Wally and his mastery of all things web related for showing the video. The link to the site is given on the right.

It was an interesting and informative video and shows how the Shedders in Aberchirder prepared the site and then built their Shed. Jason Schroeder the SMSA executive officer narrates and talks with the Shedders. The video sparked off a wide-ranging discussion and was well received.

*Foggieloan? given the name of the town changed to Aberchirder over two centuries ago, even our members are not that old!


The next meeting will be on the 1st March (tomorrow) in the Bath Street Community Centre at 12.30hrs.  The speaker is Shedder Rosco who will talk on “Virtual Reality” and will bring along a headset so the members can experience diving with sharks.

Tea, coffee, cakes & biscuits are available.

Dates for your diary:

07/03/18 Visit to the Civil Defence bunker to shift furniture, at 10.00, please bring any donated tools or machinery



Indoor bowls event, meet at 12:30hrs at the Stonehaven Bowling Club. Note: this session replaces the regular meeting in the Community Centre.


Visit to Aberdeen Harbour (details to be announced)


April Shed 2nd Anniversary event (details to be announced)

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