Newsletter #42

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The regular meeting was held in the Community Centre on the 15th of February with over twenty members attending. New Shedders Murray and Bert introduced themselves to the group and were made welcome.

Following the social period our chairman, Bill Allan, talked about Shed activities. Members have been collating and checking the tools and equipment which have recently been donated into storage in the interim Shed – the Civil Defence Bunker. A big thank you to the Shedders who helped to transfer, store, and to start to collate the equipment. A further session to continue with this work in the bunker is planned for next week. Names please to Peter. On the subject of the lease for the interim Shed Bill reports that the council, despite manpower shortages in that department, are working to progress the lease document.

Secretary Douglas reported that we have now received a cheque to the value of £2,000 from Shell U.K. Ltd. Community Awards Charitable Fund. This to be used for the provision of a defibulator and first aid cabinets for the Shed. Our aim is to fit the defibulator and its heated cabinet in a prominent position outside the Shed to make it available for community use. Our thanks go to Duncan for arranging this excellent award.

Poly-tunnel news: George reports that, with the warmer weather, now is a good time to prepare for the new growing season and asks that members support him and Peter in the preparations required at the poly-tunnel. There is ground preparation, construction of wooden compost bins, and cleaning of the tunnel walls to be done. Members meet at the poly-tunnel at 10:00hrs on Thursday 22nd February.

Events News: Allan reported that he has arranged our indoor bowling event for the 8th of March. Meet at the Bowling Club at 12:30hrs and there will be refreshments available in Terri-Anne’s Café. We will put out a flyer giving full details in plenty of time prior to this event.

Events team leader Robert reminded the meeting that we are coming up to our second anniversary as a Men’s Shed. Our inaugural meeting was in Mackie Academy on the 29th of April 2016. Robert suggested that we celebrate the anniversary with a meal and that we invite the partners of Shedders too. This was well received and Robert and his team will work up the details. We had hoped to be resident in our own premises by this time but it looks like a local hotel will have to be booked.

Our speakers this week were Zarah and Ian from

Their topic: “The stigma that is hearing loss”.

  Zarah said that their presentation on hearing loss had already been made to groups in Aberdeenshire and began by talking about how we hear, and the anatomy of the ear. She was supported by Ian who is an audiologist who tests hearing and prescribes hearing aids.

The causes of hearing loss and why hearing can deteriorate were explained. Ian said his primary job is to check that ears are healthy and that a hearing test is free. Hearing can change with age, what to look for to identify the symptoms of hearing loss were explained; TV too loud, can’t hear folks on the phone, asking someone to repeat their last statement and difficulties in hearing when there is background noise are typical symptoms. Ian spoke about how hearing loss changes lives and how hearing tests are carried out; the three-minute check and the full test. He went on to discuss hearing aids, their technology, different sizes and other options. He was happy to answer questions from a clearly interested audience and talked about hearing tests, prescriptions for hearing aids, guarantees, costs, other service providers, battery life, the NHS and home visit services. He finished by repeating what he had been told by a happy customer and how the hearing aid he supplied had given the user a new lease of life making him “feel younger not older”.

Zarah left a selection of brochures on hearing loss and solutions with us to keep in the Shed. The talk was informative and entertaining and the members gave a warm round of applause to Zarah and Ian.

The next meeting will be on the 22nd February in the Bath Street Community Centre at 12.30hrs.  There is no speaker and Shedders are requested to bring along their latest project or hobby and show it to the group.
Tea, coffee, cakes & biscuits are available.

Dates for your diary:

22/02/18 Visit to the Poly-tunnel: meet at 10:00hrs at Mackie. Note: the regular meeting will take place in the Community Centre at 12:30hrs.
08/03/18 Indoor bowls event meet at 12:30hrs at the Stonehaven Bowling Club. Note: this session replaces the regular meeting in the Community Centre.
April Shed 2nd Anniversary event (details to be announced)

Further details can be obtained by e-mail from

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