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Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed Meeting October 12th, 2017

News and Business:-

Chairman Bill Allan is home and starting his recovery. Dave Ross was been injured in a fall from a ladder but is also back at home. We extend sympathy and best wishes for a speedy recovery to both men.

E-mailAll interested members should have received an e-mail announcement of the meeting, complete with a report on the last meeting, using a new E-mailing procedure. If you know of anyone who has been missed off the list please get in touch via the “Contact” page and let us know the name, and the email address if at all possible.

Premises No new progress to report.

Polytunnel The fence has been moved successfully. Soil and frames were taken to the site and the Tuesday morning class for pupils of Mackie did a great job in digging the area gained from the fence move. Preparations are well underway for installing raised beds.

Christmas Lunch Ian Smith consulted the members present and the following details were agreed:-Station Hotel on 7-Dec-2017 12:30 for 13:00,

2 courses only = Main + Desert = £20-95,  Shedders only

The menu is available at

Ian will send out forms to Shedders who have registered an interest, asking for menu choices and payment. You can register your interest on our “Contact” page. Ian asked for donations for a Raffle saying hopefully that if those wishing to donate would let him know soon-ish it would allow him to get the preparations underway. Again send details through the “Contact” page.

Presentation by Wally Burnett and Webmaster Nick Hyatt

Wally is a Shed Trustee and he looks after our on-line presence. He did some electrical work for his neighbour, Nick, who is repaying by working as our Webmaster. Wally says that the Shed has definitely got the better part of the deal! Nick is Chief Designer at QD Design (Scotland) and a web search finds him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

They showed the available pages on our website and discussed the content. There are also two pages under construction at the moment; Useful Info and Project Help. Info is self-explanatory but the Project Help will encompass tools/items for sale and wanted; equipment/specific parts for sale and wanted; help requests to complete a project, whether that be know-how or muscle; an event in another area leading to requests for a lift or someone saying they have spare seats to go to an event. Initially requests will be made on the “Contact” page or to but the plan is for Shedders to register on that page and then post as needed. (To try to keep spammers out)
Nick then gave a very interesting and “plain English” talk on “Ten Apps you should have”. This generated a lot of attention and a wide range of subjects and queries were raised and explained by Nick. The details of these 10 applications are available to download below. Wally thanked him for his presentation which was very well received and also thanked him for his work on our web site.

The Top 10 Apps Nick presented are in this file.

Questions on Nick’s talk – answers were given to other specific questions, but the ones noted below will be answered after some research.-

Printer problem HP 1510

Phone keyboards

Music to phone won’t play

Apple v Android v Windows

=====================Tea Break===============

Project Help Wanted Metal Lathe Restoration

Mike O’Hagan asked for help to restore a Denham Junior metal work lathe (circa 1940) he hopes to donate to the Shed. The critical item is to replace a missing tail stock quill at reasonable cost – plan one has failed.

Please will anyone who can help, with skills or contacts, get in touch. Mike would also like help in setting the lathe up and making it “movable”. (The lathe has a taper turning attachment.)

Contact through the “Contact” page or to

Orkney Stools with Sea Grass Seats

Duncan Cursiter asked for help with his project to make Orkney stools with sea grass seats. He showed us one he had purchased. He thought that making and selling the stools might be a fund raising project for the Shed.

Members suggested that the weaving of the seats might be done at the Community Centre meetings extra to the weekly meetings and the room would be easily cleaned up afterwards. Making the wood work stool frames would have to take place elsewhere.

Several Members offered tools, use of their own sheds and timber for the project. (Wally Burnett, Mike O’Hagan, and others)

Mike mentioned the Woodturning group who meet in the Community Centre on Wednesday afternoons and the Woodwork “evening class” at the Mackie Academy on Wednesday evenings. Both can offer tools and instruction which might help.

Shed members who are retired/semi-retired Joiners would be a big help here – please get in touch. Contact via the “Contact” page or to

Attendance = 22 members 

Dates for your diary:

19th October – Annual General Meeting – 10.30 Community Centre Bath Street

19th October – Regular Shed Meeting – 12.30 Community Centre Bath Street

20th October – Emergency First Aid training – 09.00 Community Centre Bath Street

30th November – Proposed Visit to Portlethen Shed

7th December – Christmas Lunch Station Hotel 12:30 for 13:00

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