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Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed Meeting September 14th, 2017

The regular meeting was chaired by Andy Lorimer who welcomed the Shedders to the Community Centre meeting room.

Following a social period the business of the shed was discussed. Andy reported on a visit to Westhill Shed where he and Shedder Mike were made welcome by chairman Nick Pilbeam. Nick had offered our Shed planks of seasoned hardwood to support our start-up. These were loaded into our transport, thanks to Mike for supplying his camper van, and transported back to Stonehaven where Shedder Wally had created a space to store them in his garage.

Preparations for the interim Shed in the Bunker were discussed and, apart from the gift of hardwood, we have been offered power machinery and tools. Training and competence were discussed to support the Shed Safety Management System. First Aid training will be required for the Shed Safety Supervisors. Andy then introduced our speaker for the day, Dorothy Clark. Dorothy is an experienced First Aid trainer and will run courses to train up our team in Emergency First Aid. Dorothy gave an outline of the course content to the shedders. A minimum ‘set’ syllabus is required to obtain the certificate but because of working with powerful machinery in the workshop the course will also include injuries that could be caused by this type of equipment. Dorothy was well received by the Shedders who are looking forward to their training course. We already have six volunteers for the first Emergency Response First Aid course.

The Shedders have indicated an intention to support the work on the Grand Promenade and our secretary Douglas Knox attended the meeting that they held that evening. Douglas will give an overview at our next meeting on the 21st of September.

In the Poly-tunnel the plants are being tended by helping hands as some of the regulars take a well-deserved holiday. If you would like to join the regular poly-tunnel team, or just want to drop in on occasions, please contact Peter.

Shedder Ian asked at last week’s meeting if there was interest in having a social event before Xmas. This was well received and there are over ten shedders already signed up. Ian, along with Shedders Robert and Allan, will investigate the options and report back.

An awayday event with a visit to another shed was also raised. There is an outstanding invitation from Portlethen Shed to visit and see how they are now set up and perhaps share in their monthly soup and sandwich event. Looking at the dates, from their website, Thursday 30th November looks to be the most suitable date.

Shedder Keith then brought ICE, “In Case of Emergency”, to the attention of the meeting. This is a procedure whereby the user of “smart mobile phone” (and others with later updates) indicates, using the ICE group in their contacts list, who to call in the event of an emergency. This is valuable information for responding personnel at the scene of an accident. Smart Mobile Phones already have an ICE group entered in the phone ready to be populated with the appropriate contact numbers. Please check the method used to access ICE on your phone and make sure you pass this on to family and friends.Keith was thanked for this contribution and his document will be sent out with the report.

Since the talk we’ve found a method that works on any phone that allows a lock screen image to be set up:

  1. Open any note-taking app.
  2. Type whatever ICE information you want in the note. Make sure you have margins on all sides and that the text easily fits on one screen.
  3. Take a screenshot of that note.
  4. Use that screenshot as your lock screen wallpaper.

With this method an emergency responder will have to dial the number that appears on the lock screen wallpaper, rather than have the phone dial it for him or her, but it works.

Several shedders mentioned the two-page article in the P&J about Westhill Men’s Shed and a copy will be sent out with the newsletter.

All the shedders who have joined the Scottish Association of Men’s Sheds are now receiving a newsletter by e-mail. Application forms are available at the regular meetings and the newsletter is available online at


The next meeting will be on 21st September in the Community Centre Bath Street.  The room is open from 12.30. Kath Pope, who is an expert on forensic handwriting and document examination, will give a talk entitled “Investigating Fraud”.

Tea/coffee and biscuits/cakes are available.


Dates for your diary:

19th October Annual General Meeting – 10.30 Community Centre Bath Street

30th November – Proposed Visit to Portlethen Shed

December date TBA – Xmas lunch (probably 7th or 14th) – keep checking

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