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Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed Meeting September 7th, 2017

The regular meeting was chaired by Andy Lorimer who welcomed the Shedders to the Community Centre meeting room.

The visit to the poly-tunnel was discussed and Andy put up on the sceen a series of photographs showing the shedders at work; George and Peter surrounded by tomato plants bursting with tomatoes; unfortunately there was not a photo of Kenny doing great work with a graip digging out the potatoes but we had a few of the shedders, paintbrushes in hand, painting the fence. Peter had asked for another couple of volunteers to support the core poly-tunnel team and hands were raised. The team will be starting to prepare the planting schedule for 2018 and would welcome further green fingered volunteers. If you would like to join the regular poly-tunnel team please contact Peter. The extension to the cultivated area will take place soon.


Given the success of the away day at the poly-tunnel it was suggested that we arrange another day out. Andy said that we had been invited to the Portlethan Shed by their vice-chairman. They have a regular soup and sandwich event and perhaps we could visit there, see how their shed is working and sample the home-made soup and sandwiches. This will be raised again at the next regular meeting.


Shed secretary Douglas then updated the meeting on a few issues:

Grant applications for funds to purchase new equipment for the shed have been made. We have heard from some possible sources that we have not been successful this year and await news from the other funds providers.

Our CAT for the green shed will go forward with our financial statement for 2016 – 2017.

AGM – we will hold our Annual General Meeting on 19th October and we will convene a board meeting before that AGM.

We will be meeting with local councillors to discuss issues around the Shed’s Community Asset Transfers and the slow progress in gaining entry into the Civil Defence bunker.

Grand Promenade, Douglas will attend the meeting next week. The Shedders have indicated an intention to support this programme.

Shedder Robert told the group that when the new renal unit is built at the Kincardine Hospital that there would be a requirement for an outdoor seating area with benches and planters. He had been approached by a member of staff to ask if the Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed would be prepared to build these.  The members were all in favour about tackling this kind of community related work and agreed, although it was pointed out that having a working shed would greatly assist the Shedders.

Shedder Ian then asked if the group was minded to have a social event outside the Community Centre and suggested an Xmas lunch. He would be happy to make the arrangements and prepare the tickets. This was well received by the group and we will start to collect names next week at the regular meeting.

The next meeting will be on 14th September in the Community Centre Bath Street.  The room is open from 12.30. We will be looking at the training required for the Shed Safety Supervisors and Dorothy Clark a first aid trainer will talk with us.

Dates for your diary:

19th October Annual General Meeting – 10.30 Community Centre Bath Street

October date TBA – Visit to Portlethan Shed

December date TBA – Xmas lunch


Tea/ coffee is available.

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