News from Stonehaven Men’s Shed


Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed at a Car Boot Sale

Kenny and Peter managed our stall at the Stonehaven car boot sale in the square on Sunday morning, raised much needed funds for Mens Shed. The opportunity to publicise the Shed was taken and a lot of people showed interest.
Kenny & Peter manning the stall

Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed Stand at the Feein’ Market

We were blessed by good weather on Saturday and lots of people came to the stand to enquire about Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed.

The chairman Bill Allan thanked everyone for their support and sent out a big “Well done” to all our Trustees and members for representing Men’s Shed at the Feein’ Market and making the community aware of what we are trying to do. He reported that it was great to hear the positive comments from all we met, local politicians, councillors, members of the public and prospective Shed members. The Shed could not have wished for a better response and while the cash raised was a bonus: it was all about telling the community what we are about.

There were several prize draws and the winners are shown below:

Whisky Trail – Jura – Mr. R. Stirling

Raffle – Balvenie – Mrs. W. Eccles

Whisky bottle stall – Grouse 1 lt. – Mr. A. Wood

Whisky bottle stall – Bells 1 lt. – Mrs. S. Dickinson
Shedders Wally and Mike made a Hoop and Wire game that proved such a draw for the young people on the day.

Presentation of £500 cheque from Stonehaven Town Partnership

We received a most welcome cheque from the STP on Saturday. We can assure you those funds will be used wisely.

The picture shows all who were allocated funds. Our Shedder, Andy Lorimer, took some time out from duties on our Feein’ Market stall to accept the cheque on our behalf.


The Benefits of Sheds

A very interesting article on the benefits of Men’s Sheds.
Hopefully this will be a great help in getting our Shed proper up and running – we have the people, all we need now are the premises.


SMS and the Poly Tunnel at Mackie Academy

Over the past two weeks Stonehaven Mens Shed (SMS) members have been preparing the poly-tunnel for growing this summer. First priority was a water supply which has now been achieved by setting up two banks of water barrels holding some 1,600 litres in total, see below George Mckinnon and Mike O’Hagan setting up first set of 4.

Today the second set of barrels was set up and the area round the tunnel cleared and slabs laid at the entrances.

Kenny Dingwall plus Chairman Bill Allan then rotovated the growing bed in the tunnel and also an area alongside the tunnel where we plan to grow potatoes.

With the barrels full and ground prepared we hope to start planting next week.

Mackie Academy have kindly allowed SMS use of the tunnel and in return members will show pupils various aspects of growing vegetables etc

Thanks go to those mentioned above plus Peter Cooper, Ian Smith, Allan Wood and Keith Dawkins, shown pictured in the polytunnel, sheltering from a shower. If any other SMS members are interested in being involved in any other way please let Peter Newell know.

Our next working party task is to rabbit proof the tunnel enclosure. Date to be organised.

Peter Newell Trustee and Poly Tunnel Co-ordinator.


Stuart Donaldson MP. Meets Stonehaven Men’s Shed

The MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine and his associate Kate Monahan visited trustees and members of the Shed to find out the purpose of the Men’s Shed Movement and how he can support our local  initiative.

The origins of the movement in Australia, its spread to the UK and the current growth in Scotland was explained and the importance on meeting local needs by each shed emphasised.

The primary objectives were summarised as being a means to improve men’s health and wellbeing by providing a place for social contact and engaging in shared hobbies. He agreed that the concept was relevant in our society

Our progress to date in attracting interest and members by having regular information meetings in the local Community Centre along with our search of premises for a proper Shed was set out. The situation regarding the difficulty in  finding a Shed was defined as a major limitation on our current and future activities.  The assistance of the Council officers was acknowledged but the frustration caused by delays due to the council’s administrative procedures was highlighted

Both he and Kate readily accepted the whole Men’s Shed concept and fully understood their value to individuals and the community in general. They recognised the situation Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed was in and how its progress was inhibited by the lack of a “home”.

Stuart summed up his understanding of this issue and offered to write on our behalf to the Chief Executive of Aberdeenshire Council to get some movement.


Member Brings Along a Bag Dispenser

Ian Smith, a member of our Shed, brought along something he’d made after hearing a talk the previous meeting on ways to keep dog mess down.

He built a dispenser for plastic bags, to be available for dog owners to clear up their dogs mess, and told us it was a very quick ‘fix’ just using scrap bits of wood he had lying around. A positive discussion was had on his handywork and we’re looking into ways to promote our Shed with items like this, namely by marking them in some way as “Provided by Stonehaven Men’s Shed” (but a little less bulky considering the size of the item).
We’ll keep you updated.
Thanks a lot Ian – a man of action rather than just words.


Visit from our MSP

We were very happy to have Liam Kerr MSP visit us on Friday the second of December. He showed a keen interest in the benefits our Shed would bring to the community, and we certainly hope he can help us in our search for premises.
He posted the following on his Facebook page:

Very enjoyable and interesting morning with the Stonehaven Mens Shed.

Look forward to working with them to secure a premises in the near future.


Come and join us at our regular meetings every second Thursday from 12 o’clock onwards, as usual in the Community Centre on Bath Street.
Please click here to get to our “What’s On” page for dates and details.


We have organised a first meeting for all interested in our Men’s Shed on Thursday 10th November between 12:00hrs and 15:30hrs at the Community Centre in the Community Room (was called the Youth Training Room until recently). Please see our What’s On page for full details.


We would welcome help in leading our fund raising activities. If you have experience in carrying out fund raising activities and obtaining funding from the various known, and hopefully some not so well known, sources and can spare a few hours per week we would appreciate your contacting us. If you don’t have experience, but would like to help, we would still very much appreciate your involvement.


Please note, the details of the public meeting mentioned below have changed.  Hope to see many of you there.




It was good to see so much interest at last week’s Harbour Festival.

The Trustees of Stonehaven Men’s Shed are holding an Information Meeting to give an update on progress with forming the Men’s Shed, reports Chairman Bill Allan.

This will be a Public Meeting in the Community Centre, Bath Street, Stonehaven on Tuesday Sept 6th at 7.30pm (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE & VENUE) for all those who have expressed interest or who would like to learn more or would like to support the Men’s Shed concept for Stonehaven. The meeting will give a brief outline on what Men’s Shed is all about with a report on progress to date on creating Stonehaven Men’s Shed and on our plans for the future. A Question and Answer Session will follow and hopefully get some constructive feedback from the community will be obtained.
So come along and hear what the team has to say, and for you to have a say.

For further information, e-mail our Secretary

24/8/2016 We gained Charity Status today and our number is  SC046805.


New website went live. Created by Nick Hyatt of QD Design a Stonehaven based web design agency. As with any website it needs content, so whether it is news, information, suggestions for a shed location or shed activities, please let us have it.


Stonehaven Men’s Shed took part in the annual Feein’ Mart. The stall attracted much interest with words of encouragement from the Community, Councillors, MSPs and partner organisations.


Further to the public meeting at Mackie Academy those interested in getting involved in getting a Men’s Shed established met to organise a committee on Friday 29th April. A committee was formed and draft constitution drawn up.


Ten members of the Stonehaven Shed group visited both Westhill and Inverurie Men’s Shed to learn more about setting up and funding the Stonehaven Men’s Shed.


Inaugural meeting held at Mackie Academy saw 35 men turn up to learn more about Men’s Shed.