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    The fitting out work next door to us has produced a lot of waste timber.
    I have asked – I can have it if I want – saves them getting a skip!
    I think I’ve already got the best stuff – it was mostly damaged or full of nails – so no good as timber.
    Would anyone like to come round and help turn what’s left it into kindling?
    This would not be an end in itself but an opportunity for a Shed activity in company – does anyone need kindling?
    I have a good range of tools – hand, bow, power, chop, and chain saws, hammers, pry bars, workmates, a kettle, mugs, tea, coffee, etc.
    You would be welcome!
    Timing to be discussed – this week – not Thursday – weather forecast to be consulted.
    Bring your own insurance.

    Mike O’Hagan



    Well, 3 of the guys turned up to help. Jim, Andy & Wally. There were of course certain protocols to be followed – a fine luncheon of soup and a sandwitch was prepared and presented by Maggie, Mike’s wife, and let’s not forget the ever present coffee pot as well.
    The four men then got on with the task in hand. What made the job relatively simple were the myriad tools Mike has in his shed – a collection that would make M&M, sorry GPH – jealous. The tungsten tipped blade on the chop saw was especially impressive, it having the ability to cut through metal! No bits went flying and all, when using power tools or in the vicinity of same, were wearing suitable PPE.
    A suitably large amount of bagged kindling was produced and all that remains now is to find homes for those bags.
    Names and addresses on a postcard please…….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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