The Committee

Shortly after the initial meeting in April 2016, a committee to guide, steer and coordinate the development of the Stonehaven Men’s shed was created.  We have accomplished a lot in the 18 months since then, having gained charitable status, written and adopted our Constitution, written to many sources of funding and been successful with many, and myriad other day to day items that a new group,  and Charity, needs.

We are currently waiting on the council allowing us into the Nuclear Bunker (under the  council offices at Veiwmount). We have to agree terms of the Lease and unfortunately the council has one of their fold on long term sick leave. We hope to manager to get that agreement signed soon and be able to have our Shed proper, to be able to work “Shoulder to Shoulder” as the founder of Men’s Sheds in Australia coined nearly 20 years ago.
We have just had our first AGM and have elected some new members onto the committee.
Here is the updated Board of Trustees.